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Welcome to the S&D Tier wiki.

This is where all whom create content for S&D Tier can upload their content if they do not have a TikTok or YouTube account, or they want somewhere more "organised" for their content to live.

This Wiki is managed and maintained by TheJavaHacker.

Content uploaded here is available for all to read, and is canon to the S&D Tier multi-omni-verse.

At any time, the content here could become non-canon at the request of "Lighthouse Raiders" or the greater community.

Getting started

  • Create an account over in the top right corner under register.
  • Navigate to - Replace Name_Of_New_Page with the name of your fictional work.
  • IF the page doesn't exist >>
    • Click on the create button up at the top of the page -OR- at the end of the error message, it will tell you to "create this page".
    • From there you can click to use the visual editor to assist with visualising the format of your fictional work.
    • Save the page and it will automatically publish.
    • Within about 4-6 hours, your page will be locked from edits. If you need to change something after that, please contact @TheJavaHacker via DMs.
  • ELSE >>
    • Try again with a different name, perhaps in the style of "omniverseNameandNumber-username-storyname" (example: Lighthouse#1-LighthouseRaiders-Episode1).